P-DTR Correction of Vertebral subluxation complex

This vertebral subluxation caused a reduction in the patients’ cervical range of motion and caused weakness of his deep neck flexors.

P-DTR Correction of shoulder impingement syndrome

Shoulder impingement is often caused by the long head of biceps, infraspinatus and latissimus dorsi not adequately depressing the humeral head.

Chronic muscle cramps interfering with normal movement

Watch in real time as Dr Jose Palomar treats a patient with a long standing history of muscle cramping within his calf muscles in minutes.

P DTR treatment: wheelchair to walking

Being bipedal is very hard, Only humans have managed to achieve this. Visual, vestibular and proprioceptive systems have to all work together to send congruent information to the central nervous system.

P-DTR treatment for dizzyness

Dizziness is often caused by the visual field not being stable on the retina. Watch this testimonial from a patient whose life was changed once the cause of the dizziness was identified.