Study Retreat Secret hideaway in the Welsh mountains

2 Waungron Road Cardiff CF5 2JJ



  • Region by region common findings
  • Common clinical presentations
  • Clinical pearls
  • Refresher of all P-DTR rules
  • Visual scanning practice
  • Student troubleshooting
  • Case examples
  • Muscle testing refresher
  • Regional errors
  • Why dysfunctions re-occur
  • What to do “In Clinic”
  • How to apply the P-DTR Method
  • Clinical adjuncts to patient intervention
  • Neurology theories refresher
  • Updates on latest clinical research
  • Clinical reasoning and justification
  • How to differentially diagnose
  • Software Vs Hardware diagnosis
  • Patient management
  • P-DTR explanation practice
  • How to handle Acute pain
  • Differences when handling chronic pain
  • Further clinical testing methods


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