• P-DTR is a new paradigm and is on the forefront of implementing new principals in functional neurology. P-DTR can be used effectively in any chiropractic practice to improve patient outcomes. I strongly recommend the program to any chiropractor who wants to be extraordinary in resolving complex problems.

    Meir Tako Chiropractor
  • Using P-DTR, I can correct the information coming from specific receptors, giving the brain and nervous system accurate feedback. This allows the area to function properly in a matter of seconds! I have been able to help so many patients who I could not have helped before. It has truly transformed my practice. I give Jose Palomar MD and P-DTR the highest recommendation.

    Laurie Trapp Chiropractor
  • P-DTR has given me a new cutting-edge perspective on how to asses and treat my clients. I have had nothing but success with this method. Dr. Palomar's knowledge and expertise are second to none and I have expanded my practice and training protocols to places I never imagined possible!

    Ryan Millard Exercise physiologist
  • P-DTR is amazing! For pain and nerve dysfunction nothing beats P-DTR for software problems that do not include diseases that damage nerves. Even those diseases can often be addressed symptomatically as they are only a part of the mosaic of nerve dysfunction

    Andre van der Merwe MD
  • This technique cracks the intricate code of the human body and all manner of its dysfunctions

    Hannah Lord Physiotherapist
  • I am a soft tissue therapist and this technique has completely changed my practice towards permanent resolution of problems. I look at what is at the core of the patient's symptoms and am able to influence body mechanics, movement and pain patterns within the same session. It has given me fuller understanding of how the human system works, bio-mechanically and neurologically, and access to approaching problems from organ issues, to food sensitivities to cases of scoliosis and migraines, all with permanent solutions. It is truly humbling to be able to speak the language of the human nervous system.

    Dessi Issaeva Bodyworker
  • My name is Edgar Zinn and my injury tragedy started when I was 17 years old. I am currently 28 years old and finally I am pain free thanks to Dr. Jose Palomar and PDTR. The PTDR Treatment made something happened that Doctors, Physiotherapist, Osteopaths, Psychologist and others could not do for me in the last 10 years.

    Edgar Zinn Patient
  • If you are on the fence about PDTR then get off it. The course is amazing, the content is life changing and Stephen & Gareth are natural born teachers.

    Chris Adams - Personal trainer @ Adfitness
  • So I have just completed module 1 of the PDTR-UK foundation series hosted Gareth and Stephen. I must say a massive thank you to these guys as they have somehow managed to take this complex theoretical system and teach it in a way that is very understandable. More than that though is that these guys are fantastic teachers and what sets them apart is that they bring the theory to life through a clinical lens so we were provided with some amazing tools that we could start to apply on our clients from day 1 with a decent level of competence. Thank you guys and I can’t wait to get started on Module 2.

    Mario Ciccone - Osteopath
  • I’ve just finished 5 day module 1 course and find PDTR in a completely new field of therapeutic intervention.

    It provides some answer for why dysfunction occur in the body, what’s the pattern of dysfunction, why the dysfunction pattern happen in a specific way, why rubbing muscle won’t help, why multifidus can go atrophy, why muscle are hypotonic/hypertonic, why emotion and state of your patient matter during treatment.

    Upon this 5Day learning receptor dysfunction(spindle, golgi, pacini and nociceptor) bits of neurology and how Pdtr work, your scope of understanding why your current choice of practice work and don’t work will vastly improve.

    Some emotional and scar treatment is covered as well. Stephen as an instructor is vastly knowledgeable and highly energetic; he’s like a lecturer while Gareth is like a top student explaining how things work to his fellow students. So you have PDTR explain to you in different perspective.

    Stephen also share some lights on how human being as an organism react to external stimuli/environment and explain how these factor can cause dysfunction for example why when you look at certain individual you know your day is ruin, or you feel crap afterwards.

    How electrical currency, sound frequency, flickering lights can cause dysfunction etc. Module 1 is intensive and is easily the hardest course I have done and still struggles with it. However it expose you to so much more, other than a whole new way of treatment, but also part of life itself by understanding neurology and why you act the way you act.

    You will never get bored into a routine with this therapy, your constantly flexing your brain muscle while treating ?.

    To conclude, by knowing yourself better as a human being and how you react to your environment, you are then able to truly help your patient, that’s what i learn in these short 5 days with Stephen and Gareth And if you love challenges and breakthrough by all means take this course Otherwise don’t cause you will suffer.

    Eu Gene Chong – Pharmacist and student Osteopath
  • As a couple of the other guys have mentioned, just finished a 5 day foundation module 1 course with Gareth Cox and Stephen Osborne at PDTR –UK where we started our journey into the realm of the practical application of theoretical neurology through the lens of P-DTR.

    I am the kind of person who would always like to ‘learn from the source’ where possible, however on this occasion I was directed towards Gareth and Steve by personal recommendation from someone whose opinion I have a lot of respect for within the industry. With that in mind, I can wholeheartedly say that I am 100% happy and confident in the decision I made to learn under these 2. Both Gareth and Steve are incredible instructors in their own right, and their synergy whilst teaching together further enhances the overall learning experience. It really comes across how much effort, planning and passion has gone into delivering a truly comprehensive course, whilst both having an incredible level of knowledge and experience to pass on.

    In terms of my own learning experience – I went into the course with very little prior knowledge of the material whatsoever and yet by the end of the course I was able to walk away with not only a solid comprehension of the material, but also how and why it was relevant, the systems behind it and more importantly the critical thinking required in order to apply it in a real clinical situation. For me, that speaks volumes for the level of teaching provided on the course and would therefore HIGHLY recommend that anyone looking to take the course book in with these guys. For all my further courses I will be coming straight here (I’ve already booked on for modules 2 and 3!).

    Michael Quinn – Bodyworker
  • Having just come off the back of an intense 5 days of learning the basics of P-DTR at Module 1 of Foundation with Steve Osborne and Gareth Cox of PDTR-UK I want to take a moment to leave a review of the course so far.

    Over the last few days Steve and Gareth took us down the rabbit hole of functional neurology learning how and why every day external stimuli can be interpreted as a threat, and how the body responds to this. This not only means learning some pretty in depth neurology and anatomy but also a protocol in how to identify which stimuli are related to problems which potentially link to someone’s pain or movement problems.

    While appearing on the outside to be an intimidating and complex subject and system, Steve and Gareth managed to break the material down into manageable and more importantly understandable chunks. This has allowed me to integrate what we learnt into my practice straight away the very next day working with clients.

    I thoroughly recommend people take this course with Steve and Gareth - such is their deep level of understanding and ease of communicating such complex material. I look forward to completing further P-DTR courses with them in the future and have no hesitation in recommending others do the same.

    Steve Dobb – Bodywork @ The North East Body Mechanic
  • It's the third day back at work after completing Module 3 and I wanted to come back and say what an incredible experience it was, studying the Foundation Level with Steve and Gareth in Cardiff.

    As my background is in Personal Training, I was very apprehensive before the course that the material and the concepts would be difficult to grasp. I have friends who have taken PDTR in the past and have struggled a bit. But I felt I had reached a point in my own practice where PDTR was going to be the crucial next piece of the jigsaw.

    The course was incredible. We had extensive pre reading and a library of videos before we even got to Cardiff so that we were warmed up and ready to go. And then during class I found that the combination of lectures, demonstrations and LOTS of practice time was perfect. Steve and Gareth explained things multiple times, in many different ways which ensured everyone kept pace and felt confident. There was no such thing as a stupid question and no one was left behind. We had a real cross section of practitioners in our class and Steve and Gareth put things many different ways to suit everyone.

    I was amazed as the topics went on, just how ingrained the PDTR process had become. That allowed me to go back to clinic and use my new skills regularly to keep me sharp, ready for the next module. If I got stuck or confused, then Steve & Gareth were available through the Facebook group to answer questions or go through things as required.

    Now, 3 days after Module 3, I find I am utilising my full skill set, finding dysfunctions and working the process and getting good results. There are certainly areas I need to brush up on with regards to some of the deeper topics, but I feel confident to use the tool box already and my clients are loving the process.

    If you are thinking of taking PDTR then I would highly recommend PDTR UK. The lads are natural teachers and they are very gifted with their own grasp of PDTR. Cheers gents, keep up the great work.

    Chris Adams - Personal trainer @ Adfitness
  • Just finished the Foundation course with Gareth and Steve in Cardiff – WOW! What a course!

    To say the amount of energy and effort these guys put in to running the course is above and beyond would be a gross understatement, they really have poured their heart and soul in to delivering something special.

    Not only do they ensure that all of the information delivered covers the fundamental information in a fully comprehensive way, but they will also go the extra mile to ensure that EVERY student has a solid understanding of the material and will take the time to re-explain any of the material as many times as needed in as many ways as they can to cater for all learning types.

    Not only that, but beyond the course they have also provided a ridiculous amount of resource material and helpful pre-reading, put on study days to make sure everyone is up to speed between modules, a pre-course onboarding day to answer any worries people may have plus give a head start on the material, open their clinic for shadow days whenever you like and genuinely welcome any and all messages for further help and discussion.

    The knowledge these two share is incredible and they are always willing to impart clinical pearls throughout the course and show the real world application of what you are learning. On top of this they also invite other highly skilled P-DTR practitioners to come along and assist on the course to provide their own clinical wisdom and have extra experienced hands available to help out during practice time. It really is a phenomenal experience.

    For anyone considering taking a P-DTR Foundation course, I would 100% without a shadow of a doubt say take it in Cardiff with Steve and Gareth. I know for all of my future courses I will be coming back to these guys. Even if you have taken a P-DTR course previously and want to brush up on your knowledge – re-train with these guys. You will leave the classroom with the competence, confidence and ultimately the critical thinking required to go out and deliver a treatment the very next day.

    Thanks Gareth and Steve, I eagerly look forward to Intermediate!!!

    Michael Quinn – Bodyworker
  • Just reflecting on a truly wonderful 15 days that I have spent with Stephen Osborne and Gareth Cox learning the principles and philosophy of PDTR. This is my second time to go through the process aa I decided that I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of PDTR through a clinical lens. All I can say is that these guys have surpassed my expectations on what they delivered. I should not of doubted for one second that they wouldn't have as they pride themselves in being the best at what they do. You feed off their passion and emotion through the whole process and they don't leave any student behind. The support and guidance is second to none and their attention to detail is exceptional as its no mean feat bringing some simplicity to complexity which PDTR can be. You also know that once the 15 days are completed you have the opportunity to shadow them in clinic and I am very excited about the study retreat next year where we can all can geek out on learning and clarifying things that we are still unclear on. So if you are considering doing PDTR and unsure if to go straight to he source or learn through these guys then these Stephen and Gareth win hands down for the clinical pearls and high level of teaching they offer you. You will go back into clinic on the Monday knowing that you have the confidence of delivering PDTR treatment to a high level of competency. Thank you guys.

    Mario Ciccone – Osteopath
  • Highly recommend to learn this course with Stephen and Gareth. 10 reason why....
    1) passionate in their teaching, they truly wants you to succeed in this treatment module
    2) they keep on repeating same stuff over and over again until you realise the importance of the rule and know it at the back of your hand
    3) demo demo demo, plenty of it until you need to sign up for storage in cloud
    4) they comes in 2, when one go dysfunction or too tired, the other takes over. (one can easily get dysfunction from the way of their teaching demo as they let the students to tell them what to do/ next step for treatment)
    5) because there is 2 you can abuse them by keep asking question when one had enough 😉
    6) you get two different approach of how they treat and you might find ones method suits you more
    7) end of the day, you can stay back and observe how they treat real patient in the seminar room
    8) they write down summary of the rules etc etc to make life easier on flipchart so you can take photo
    9) you get to use their powerful red light therapy
    10) repeat all the above

    Eu Gene Chong – Pharmacist and student Osteopath